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“Your connection to this server has been blocked” (English)

If you see the below message :

Your connection to this server has been blocked in this server’s firewall.

You need to contact the server owner for further information.
Your blocked IP address is

This server’s hostname is

it indicates that your IP has been blocked by our server.

FYI, client’s IP will only be blocked automatically by our server’s firewall, IF our server detects suspicious activities happening in your account, for example :

1) you keyed-in WRONG username &/ password during email login (either in your Webmail or EmailClient/Outlook) (if in EmailClient/Outlook, we don’t know which device you’re using, eg. PC, laptop, smartphone, etc)
2) you keyed-in WRONG username &/ password during cPanel login
3) you keyed-in WRONG username &/ password during FTP login
4) your internet was/is unstable, causing your IP to keep changing (this resembles a hacking/attack attempt to the server)
5) you are using harmful website script (which contains malicious codes & loopholes), that causes hacking activities.
6) there is a problem with your FileZilla. Kindly use other FTP software (eg. Flash FXP : , or, Core FTP).

This IP blocking measure is done to protect you & all our other clients from hacking attempt. It’s for your safety.

To temporarily unblock your IP is very easy. Just turn OFF the power of your internet modem, and ON it back.

However, if it’s not working (or, if the IP blockage re-occurs) :

a) kindly login into your Client Area :
b) then, click on this link :
c) then, click on ‘Check IP’
d) then, click on ‘Choose Product’ (where, you’ll be able to see the log, which explains the REASON why your IP has been blocked).
e) and finally,click on ‘Unban IP’, to unblock your internet IP immediately.

Once the root cause (of the IP blockage) has been identified (from Step d above), kindly take necessary/appropriate action to prevent the same problem from happening again.

If you need further info/assistance, kindly contact us back.

“Your connection to this server has been blocked” (English)
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