How to Promote Affiliate Links Without a Blog

Affiliate programs can be very lucrative if you understand how to promote the links. You don’t have to have a blog to be able to promote affiliate links and make money on the internet. Learn how to use other online resources to promote your affiliate programs.

Step 1
You will need to have an internet presence to promote your affiliate programs.
The first place to start is on Facebook. You can post the links in your Facebook updates, on your own wall, and on the walls of groups. Use caution when posting affiliate links – it is not proper etiquette to plaster your links all over Facebook. The most prudent strategy is to look for questions that your link can answer. For example, if you are participating in an affiliate program that pays you for customer who sign up for web hosting, look for questions about web hosting and reply with – this may help you – and a link to the affiliate product.

Step 2
Get active on Twitter. Again, look for opportunities to use your link as a reply or answer to a question, rather than just posting the link every 30 minutes. Using the example above, do searches for the terms web hosting and look for opportunities to post your link.

Step 3
Join groups and forums that relate to the products and services you are selling. Use an affiliate link underneath your signature line. Using the same example, you could use your name and CHECK OUT THIS WEB HOSTING SERVICE with the hyperlink.

Step 4
Write articles. Some sites will allow affiliate links within the article, some won’t. However, this site, WeLuvPeace, allows you to place your affiliate links in the resources section. Write good, clear, concise, helpful articles that relate to the affiliate product, and include the link in the resources section.

Step 5
Comment on relevant blogs, but be careful not to post spam. For example, perhaps you come across a blog post where the author is complaining about bad web hosting service, or wanting to start a website. You can post a comment and use your affiliate link as your URL. Be careful with this technique. Do not just post your link all over the place without making a relevant intelligent comment. The blogger will just delete it

* Facebook and other social networking sites are excellent ways to promote affiliate programs