NetKL Network – Affiliate Program – FAQ (English)

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Due to loads of enquiries about NetKL, webhosting, domain, and Affiliate Program in the past few days, therefore, I decided to write the FAQ below.

Hope, it helps 🙂

1) What is NetKL? Webhosting? Domain?
NetKL Network offers domain & webhosting at a very competitive rate in the market, to anyone who wants to open a website (either for business/personal).

Domain is simply your website address ; eg

Hosting is a portion of space inside our server, that you are going to rent, to keep all of your website contents, monthly/yearly.

All of our servers are located at TM’s Datacenter (in Brickfield & Cyberjaya).

This server space (hosting) can be rented monthly/quarterly/semi-annually/annually. If you rent it annually, the price is way cheaper, and the best part is, you’ll receive a FREE domain from NetKL (worth RM29.95 /year).

2) What is Affiliate Program? What’s in it for me?
Becoming an Affiliate is like becoming a part-time marketing manager for NetKL Network. You work on your own, at your own pace. Nobody is going to monitor or pressure you. And we are always available, if you need any support related to your affiliation.

Once you’ve registered as an Affiliate, every time someone buys any of our hosting package* from your Unique Referral Link, you’ll receive 10% commission** from their purchase price. Registration can be done here :

* only hosting subscription, not domain.
** only for the 1st subscription, not applicable for renewal.

3) Is this Affiliate Program suitable for me?
If you are always on the internet, and wish to have a BIG side-income, this program is really suitable for you!

If you are the type of person who is always busy with your career/business; still have some times on the internet (catching up with your friends on blogs, forums, or, Facebook); and are still interested to make side-income; DON’T WORRY, you can still benefit from this program. (Even though, the return may be lesser, but it’s good enough to pay your bills every month, I hope. Why not? 🙂 )

The mantra is simple : the more effort you put; the more money you’ll earn. Isn’t that fair? 🙂

4) How do I promote?
If you know anyone who wants to open a website, that’s the easiest! Simply forward Referral Link them.

At the same time, you can also promote our webhosting services to anyone who has already had a website/webhosting, but is not too happy with their existing webhosting provider, due to whatever reasons (eg. maybe their support sucks or their service is too slow).

However, if you do not know any single person who matches the above descriptions, it’s still okay. The good news is, you can still promote our webhosting services randomly while you are having fun catching up with your friends in blogs, forums, or Facebook. To know more, this article may be useful :

5) How do I know, if anybody has signed-up under my Affiliate link?
The technology now is advanced. Everything is transparent. At anytime, you can always view the statistics of; who/when somebody has joined; what package they bought; how much your commission is; etc; when you login into your Client Area :

This is a sample of how your affiliate page will look like, when you join : (my latest account statement, on 5/5/2010)

If you are still not clear with few/some of the terms there, kindly refer the definitions below :

Your Unique Referral Link – This is the link you send to your friends/contacts that need websites. Once your contact clicks on your unique link to access our website, a cookie is installed on their web browser and even if they close their PC, and come back to our website later (within 90 days), your affiliate ID can still be tracked. If they purchase a web hosting package with us, this will automatically be recorded in our system, and you can see this commission, when you login to your client area.

Number of Visitors Referred – This is the number of visitors who have simply clicked on your link to visit our website.

Number of Signups -This is the number of signups who have actually placed an Order Form to buy our web hosting package via your Unique Link. Once they have made the payment, their signup status will be ‘Active’, and your commission will be activated. If they still haven’t, their signup status will be ‘Pending’, so as your commission.

Conversion Rate -This is the percentage of signups per clicks. For instance, if you had 10 people click your link and 5 people actually bought something, you’d have a conversion rate of 50%.

Commission Pending Maturation -This is the amount of money you have earned, but pending 30 days. Once the life of the sale has reached 30days, this amount or part of it will be placed under the “Available Commission Balance” section. However, NetKL has set this field to be 0 (zero), which means, you don’t have to wait for your sales to be 30-days old to claim your commissions. You can always request for withdrawal, whenever your Available Commission Balance hits a minimum of RM50.

Available Commission Balance -This is the amount of commission available for you to acquire, once it reaches RM50.

Total Amount Withdrawn – The amount you have withdrawn to date.

Your Referrals Section -This is the area showing who used your link and signed up under your affiliate account and made you money!

Some of you may find the above FAQ to be just a recap of what you already know. However, for those newbies, I hope, this article is helpful.

Should you have any further query/concern, please do not hesitate to contact us back.

Happy affiliating & all the best!

See you at the top!

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NetKL Network